ST.E.P. ESN PAVIA works, thanks to the indispensable help of the University of Pavia and the others institutions, on the following projects:

Welcome Week(s)

Every 6 months we plan various welcoming activities to:

  • Inform students about the activities of ST.E.P. ESN PAVIA;
  • Inform students about International Mobility Programs;
  • Help exchange students in bureaucratic and practical issues connected with their incoming;
  • Promote the integration between Italian and exchange students;
  • Promote the discovery of the territory of Pavia with guided tours;


Erasmus in Schools

Erasmus in School is the project that opens the doors of High Schools in Pavia to the Erasmus students.

Thanks to the meetings planned with the project Erasmus in school, Erasmus students have the chance to transmit their culture to the students of the High School.

For the italian students this is an unmissable chance to interact with students from the whole Europe and from the World and to welcome their witness and curiosity!


ESN Italy Projects

As regards the Italian network (ESN Italy) we strongly partecipate to the meetings of the national assembly during which the politics of  promotion of the International Mobility Programmes are discussed at the national level; and also the network membership guidances are given; we cooperate with others ESN sections on local  and national projects of long and short-term and we adhere to the projects promoted by ESN Italy (like the Welcome Days).


ESN International Projects

As regards the International network (ESN International) some members of ST.E.P. ESN PAVIA strongly collaborate to the project PRIME ( data collection about the approval of the ECTS credits within of mobility programmes).